Services we provide

Statutory Audit 
Audit of accounts of various types of organisations in accordance with international Auditing Standards
Internal Audit 
Review of internal controls / devise and implement internal control system
Accounting Services
Preparation of management / annual accounts in accordance with International accounting standards and International Financial Reporting Standards
Regulatory Compliance
Ensuring clients comply with various legislations impacting their business(eg Company Law, Anti-money laundering,Employment Law, Financial Services, Income Tax, VAT etc..)
Secretarial Services 
Act as secretary of companies

Income tax and VAT computations / filings of tax periodic returns / discussion of tax claims/objection against assessment / compliance with Income Tax and Vat Acts/advice on tax issues and Double tax Agreements
Litigation Support
Assist lawyers with litigation cases

Advise on various types of structures for local and offshore activities
Corporate Governance
Advise on and implement code of corporate governance
Business Support
Preparation of salaries, calculation of PAYE and other statutory deductions and filing of periodic returns with various authorities